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If you are reading this, you and I have a couple significant things in common... a desire to see the world and a love of great BEER.


Oh, some people may roll their eyes or point a finger, but we know better!


Beer, I have been known to say on occasion, is pretty much at the root of all things. That's right, I said it... all things. Perhaps not directly at the root, but Beer and its "cohorts" -- grain, fermentation, water, and time -- have played huge roles in human history. Now some of these references are debatable, but you can find beer at many a histoical crossroads, from ancient Sumer to modern Portland. Big things happened because of beer. Agrarian civilization, the Code of Laws, Surviving the Plague, Cultivating Yeast, Plymouth Rock, Keg Parties. Okay... but beer has palyed a pretty big role in European and Western culture for thousands of years.


And I would happily tell you - over a beer or two in a cosy Brussels cafe, Czech pub, or Kolsch Knippe - that beer provides an excellent avenue into European history and current day culture.


Whether you are a seasoned traveler or first timer, a BeerTrip offers exclusive access and a unique view into the history and culture of the world's great beer destinations. Great Trips... Made Better with BEER!

I hope you can take a BeerTrip soon!



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