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    Bucket List Beer Cities

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    Roads Worth Traveling

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    World Class Visits and Vistas

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    Charming Walled Cities

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    UNESCO World Heritage

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    Storm the Castle!

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    Small Groups, Friendly Trip-Mates!

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    Fast Trains, Travel in Style

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    Ride a Ferry to an Irish Isle

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    Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

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              Glorious Cheeses.





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    Classic beer styles at their source.

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    Unique Custom Tours

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    Beer Museums and Brewing History

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    Resting Place of Irish Kings

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    Waterways of Gent

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    Organic Cider Orchrard? Why Not?

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    Belgian Brothers

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    Tutored Cellar Beer Tastings

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    Trappist Serenity

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    World Class Cities

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    Hand-Picked Lodgings

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    Explore Great Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes

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    Architectural Marvels

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    Sleep in Pieve or Parador

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    Local Life

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    Local Brewers

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    Local Wisdom

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    Local Markets

Welcome to BeerTrips!

@ the crossroads of beer space and beer time, since 1999.

You love great beer and food... AND you want to see the world! 

We are the purveyors of unique, beer-focused, culinary and cultural, travel experiences - for over 20 years. 


Discover hundreds of Belgian Beers. Sing along at the top of your lungs at Oktoberfest. Taste fresh Pils in Prague. Enjoy cask conditioned real ales in England. Visit Trappist Monasteries that brew beer. Explore beer culture and history. Learn a few things. Travel smart in well-organized comfort and style!

Bucket List Destinations - Made Better With Beer

Already so rich in culture, cuisine, history, architecture, and natural beauty, historic places in Belgium, Germany, England, France, Scotland, Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, France, Italy, and Czechia are only made better when you add beer, good travel mates, great beer dinners, fine hotels, and local guides to the mix! Discover great local craft beer, history, culture, art and architecture, while meeting new beer friends and exploring the world!

Fully Escorted, Small Group Trips

This means you get a true vacation with an experienced, friendly trip leader to keep things working well. You can relax and leave the details to us. Small groups mean you wont get lost in the crowd. Beer tastings, brewery visits, old cafes, beer halls, beer museums, and special beer events are even more fun in small groups. And with 6 - 15 people you can sample and taste alot of different beers!

Brewery Tours, Beer History, Beer Culture

There's a LOT of beer history - after all it has been brewed all over the world for millenia. What that means for us is many great reasons to travel for BEER. Classic, historic breweries - as well as new brewers in lovely locations - are spread all across Europe, in bucket-list European cities and sleepy villages in remote locations. When you discover local beer, you also discover local history, people, and culture - part of every Beer Trip! 

Beer-Focused Tours for Beer People

Discover the "more-important-than-you-would-think" role that beer and brewing play in the history and culture of Europe and North America -- and have a really good time, with great people, along the way. Experience beer cuisine, fine hotels, tastings, and brewery visits while exploring the world! We have been creating great beer vacations for more than 20 years... let us take YOU on a Beer Trip! Cheers!

Beer and food lovers, world travelers, brewers, homebrewers, and anyone who appreciates a great vacation... You are invited to experience the history and influences of the World's Best Beer. Travel with us to historic, bucket-list cities and culturally interesting, out-of-the-way places where beer is much more than just a beverage.


Explore the website to learn more about our unique style of small group travel - good people, great destinations, hospitable brewers, comfortable lodgings, amazing food, local guides, and excellent means of travel. Cheers!









Handcrafted Itineraries, Unique Trips

-- no matter where we go

Comfortable Means of Travel

-- private bus, fast train, ferry

A Variety of Historic Destinations

-- old beer places & new beer places 

Private Groups, Custom Tours

-- for breweries, brewclubs, travel agents

Great Lodgings in Prime Locations

-- walkable and near the action

Fantastic Included Beer Meals

-- local food, local beer, breakfast daily

Colorful Local Guides

-- offer historic insights, and insider tips

Beer People! Brewers, Locals

-- happy to meet thirsty travelers, too

Take a Beer Trip! We'll Meet You There.