Great Trips... Made Better With Beer!

The Story

About! was founded in 1998 to offer serious beer people the opportunity to travel to the world's best beer destinations with other people who love great beer. Beer and travel, travel and beer -- these are two of our favorite things. Both, in our estimation, are worth a fair amount of life's energy.


Our goal, and our very reason for existing, is to take our travelers the best beer destinations, drink, taste and enjoy the best beers, meet the beer-loving people of the countries we visit, and explore the history, culture, art and architecture of the interesting places where beer "grew up". To do this we stay in nice, well-located hotels, eat at great restaurants that emphasize beer in their fare, and visit breweries, brew pubs, cafes, and museums that enhance our understanding and appreciation of BEER and its rich history and culture. It's just that simple.


1998 - The 1st BeerTrip

The Great Beers of Belgium with Goose Island Brewing Company Owners, Brewers, Board Members, and VIP's. Working with brewer Greg Hall, we developed a very beery itinerary that has stood the test of time. This trip been refined over the years.


1999 - An "Original" Dot Com officially came into existence in 1999, when the domain name was purchased. So while not exactly a dot com boom, BeerTrips is a pretty catchy name! Who knew what the future would hold!


1999 - 1st edition of Prague, Bamberg & Oktoberfest in Munich

Another of our original trips that has been operated for the past 20 years. A true classic among Beer Trips!


2001 - The post 9/11 Trips

We operated trips in The Czech Republic, Germany, and Belgium soon after the tradedgy. The outpouring of good will was truly staggering. We traveled about 2 weeks after that event, in stark contrast with Covid travel timelines. Airports were changed forever.


2002 - England 

2003 - ABC's of Beer - Amsterdam Brussels and Cologne

2007 - Bavaria

2004 - St. Petersburg, Moscow, Krakow, and Prague

2005 - Farmhouse Ales of Belgium and France

2006 - Oregon

2009 - Northern Italy

2013 - Quebec

2008 - Trier, Luxembourg


Northeast US

Midwest US

Rome, Bologna Tuscany Venice



2017 - Norway

2019 - Cuba

2021 - Iceland


Since then we have built and operated trips over 15 countries and counting.