Great Trips... Made Better With Beer!


(and Frequently Questioned Answers)


(No we are not bunch of drunks, and we don't leave messes... we are beer connoisseurs!)

What are BeerTrips? What is Beer Travel?

BeerTrips are organized group trips that feature multi-night stays in historic cities, fine hotels, great food, and classic breweries and beers. Our itineraries offer a balance of free time and noteworthy beer-related excursions. For more information see About Beer Travel.

What kind of people go on a Beer Trip?
What is life on the trip like?
Couldn't I do it myself for less money?
Can't I buy all those beers here?
I don't like the idea of traveling with a group.
What about airfare?
Are you a travel agency too?
Can I use miles?
Can I go early or extend the trip?
Where do I meet the group?
When do I pay?
How much spending money do I need?
How we Travel?