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Maybe you want to travel to Belgium and discover hundreds of Belgian Beers -- indulge in Cuisine a la Biere, or sing along at the top of your lungs in an Oktoberfest tent in Munich, or discover truly fresh Pils in Prague. Maybe you'd like to enjoy cask conditioned ales in a British Pub, or get inside a Trappist Monastery that brews beer. You want lambic from the barrel, you want to meet brewers, you want to quaff the rare, sip the special stash. You want beer dinners and beer tastings, brewey visits and bars offering hundreds of beers! And you want to travel smart, perhaps learn a few things, and do it in well-organized comfort and style with comrades, colleagues, and friends... you are in the right place!

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Beer Trips .com invites avid beer lovers, intrepid wanderers, foodies, homebrewers, and anyone who appreciates a great vacation to discover the history and influences of the World's Best Beer. On our "more than just beer" tours, we visit great places where beer is much more than just a beverage.

The Best Beer Destinations

Already so rich in culture, cuisine, history, architecture and natural beauty, these historic places -- Belgium, Germany, Britain, France, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, the US, and the Czech Republic are only made better when you add beer to the mix!

Brewery Tours, Beer History, Beer Culture

Discover the "more-important-than-you-would-think" role that beer and brewing play in the history and culture of Europe and North America -- and have a really good time, with great people, along the way. We have been creating great beer vacations for more than 10 years... let us take YOU on a Beer Trip this year! Cheers!

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Great Trips Made Better With Beer!

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We are your Belgium Experts. We have operated tours in Belgium since 1998. Click here to learn more.


Great Beer Vacations for 2015, including a few new trips and the old favorites!

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What's Included?

Although it varies from trip to trip, this is what you get when you sign up for a BeerTrip: nice hotels in great locations - ranging from 2 - 4 stars (depending on what best fits the destination), breakfast everyday, roughly half of your lunches and dinners (with beer, apps, dessert, etc), superb local guides, city tour/pub crawls to get acquainted with the city and each other, facsinating brewery visits often with the brewmaster, focused beer tasting, the pleasure and convenience of a small group, experienced trip leadership and comfortable private transportation. A BeerTrip is much more than an assemblage of hotels, restaurants, and destinations... it is a beer focused, cultural experience. Registration details are here.

Who Goes on Beer Trips?

Since our first trip in 1998, we have enjoyed a wide variety of travelers -- from Brewmasters to Honeymooners, First-timers to World Travelers, Retired Couples to Solo Explorers. Ages have ranged from 23 - 81, with a majority in the 30's, 40's & 50's. One thing remains constant, a coincidental love of travel and a love of beer! This makes for compatible groups; and we are proud to have played "matchmaker" for dozens of growing friendships. BeerTrips Customers Are Smart, Savvy Travelers. Read what past travelers say about taking a BeerTrip! We have some customers who have taken more than 12 trips with us, and several more in the 4 - 8 range.

Why go with

We have over 20 years of professional tour and travel management experience. We have established first-name relationships, with hotel owners, transportation companies, brewers, guides, chefs, restaurant owners -- even Trappist Monks; and as a result we offer a truly custom travel experience. Explore the website to learn more.

Press & Praise

Our trips have appeared on several "gotta do" lists, been selected for inclusion in a National Geographic book (click the cover above), and been featured and reccommended in major newspapers, magazines, travel guides, radio, and television shows --including: