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Belgium 1999

Prague, Bamberg, Munich 2000 Belgium 2000

2000 Great Beers of Belgium

Talking with our guide during our private tour at the working museum that is Cantillon Brewery. Cantillon still brews using spontaneous fermentation to create their distinctive lambic based beers.

The geueze and kriek made by the master blenders at Drie Fonteinen are conditions perfectly and always poured and served correctly.

During our tour at Drie Fonteinen we sample geueze from the wood of various ages (1, 2 and 3 years old).

Brussels Grand Place is spectacular and busy day or night. Countless streets full of fine restaurants, cafes and bars spill into the city's central square. 

The Abbey de Notre Dame de Scourmont - Chimay.

The survivors of our 33 beer, multi flight, multi style tasting at Brussels' Bier Circus, where they serve just about every beer you can imagine. Notice Goose Island Brewer Greg Hall (far left). Sometimes even brewers have a hard time holding their beers.

The world famous Kulminator in Antwerp, specializes in old and special beers among the standard selection of Belgium specialties.

A typical round at Kulminator: A classic Chimay red (in the 33cl bottle), Drien Fonteinen's hard to find Millennium Geuze, and a 20 year old Chimay that still tasted great.

The great selection of Liefman's beers that we tasted after our tour of their very interesting brewery.

A beer group with beers in hand.

The minibar in the hotel rooms at Auberge de Potaupre.

One of the many special sights and encounters on a Beer Trip. Here a couple of monks from Orval enjoy their own Trappist Ale, the deliciously crisp golden ale Orval.

Not many beer lovers have ever seen this sight: the stein, mug and glass collection in the brewery offices at Abbaye de Notre Dame de St. Remy in Rochefort. One of  three Trappist Monasteries whose breweries we toured.

Welcome to Rochefort!

Orval Abbey.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, delicious creammy head. These beers taste really good with Orval's own cheese, also made by the Trappist Monastery.

7 styles, 5 versions of each style, and many empty bottles.

Photographer extraordinaire, Dr. Wane Joselow. One of the many talented and skilled individuals who join our tours. Wane took several of the photos on this site. Thanks, Wane.

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