What is Beer Travel?

At BeerTrips.com we believe that travel is akin to freedom, so our trips feature relaxed itineraries that allow plenty of time for exploration on your own. If you are going to travel across an ocean, the last thing you want is to be shuffled about trying to keep up with a packed itinerary. Our trips are balanced to offer the right amounts of recreation, exploration, and even education. We build free time into each trip and encourage you to pursue your own interests. We hope that you will join all the planned events and excursions, but if you would rather do your own thing, that's no problem (as long as you don't miss the bus). We will never forget that this your vacation, we just want to expose you to great beer and the interesting aspects that go into making it. Our goal is to make sure you have a great BeerTrip! In general our trips are informal and casual. If you require guidance and planned activity for every moment of your trip or like all you excursions to involve structured tours, our trips are probably not for you.

All of our trips feature Beer Experts from various areas of the beer industry. Brewmasters, Beer Writers, and homebrewers provide the insight and extra information that makes great beer all the more interesting. Their knowledge of beer and well-trained palate help us discover the tantalizing variety of flavors and characteristics of the world' great beers.

Trip Leaders and Local Guides provide travel assistance, and suggestions for free time and non-beer excursions. Our trip leaders and beer experts offer the knowledge and support to make sure you experience everything, beer or otherwise, a destination has to offer.

Group Size: Our trips are limited to 15 participants in order to insure that nobody gets lost in the crowd. We think this is far superior to the groups of 25 - 40 that we see while abroad. Small groups make the price a little higher, but we feel it makes the trips work.

Who travels with us? When you join a BeerTrips tour, it is a pretty safe bet that the people on the trip will share your love of great beer. Our travelers are a lot like the folks you might meet at your favorite brew pub or home brewing club meeting. Most have more than a passing interest in beer; and with 10 -15 people ordering and tasting different beers, you'll find that you can sample dozens more beers in a beer group than you would traveling on your own. 

Don't worry if you are not a beer expert or brewer though, we have had non-beer people "dragged along" with a beer loving friend or spouse only to discover that the trip and the beer were much better and much more interesting than they originally thought.

The places we travel to offer much more than just great beer. The cities we visit are rich in history, continental and local, and the architecture, streets, churches, gardens and public spaces reflect the best of centuries of competing cultures. 

Our travelers pursue countless other interests beyond beer - photography, rail travel, art, music, architecture and food (to name a few) also occupy the time of our travelers.

How we Travel

Private Motor Coach: When we travel between cities we often employ the use of a private, professionally driven, full size motor coach. Traveling by bus, despite its less than popular connotation, is often one of the best parts of the trip. Each traveler has plenty of room to spread out as we have 30-40 seats for our group of 15-18 people. Scenic roads are often part of our route; and people almost always have some beer or local food to sample and share as we drive. The coach also allows us to make special stops and add surprises to the itinerary.

Rail: Most of Europe supports a great rail system and, often, this is the preferred mode of travel. On some trips rail passes are issued which offer travelers even more freedom to find out-of-the-way breweries and cafes. Beer and trains seem to be a nice combination.

Public Transportation: Cities like London, Brussels, Munich and Prague have excellent public transportation that is safe, efficient and easy to use. On most trips, we rely almost exclusively on public transportation while in major cities. Travel/transit passes are built into your trip cost making getting around as easy as reading a map or schedule. Using public transportation helps us feel more like locals, too. We see a very real aspect of the city.

Walking: In our view this is the best way to explore, and it is our first choice whenever possible. City tours and pub/cafe exploration are usually done on foot. When we use rail for excursions, there are often short walks to and from our final destination. The pace is always moderate and we don't cover great distances, but we do walk a fair bit.

Air Travel: With mileage programs, consolidators, internet fares and countless fare sales, it is best to be a "free agent" when buying tickets in today's market. However, if you would prefer to have us arrange your flights we are more than happy to do so. We will resourcefully seek out the lowest available fares and advise you of your options. We advise that you do not purchase tickets until the trip is confirmed - generally 60 days prior to departue. 

Airport Transfers: Upon arrival, several options are available to get you from the airport to the hotel: private transfers with "meet and greet", public transportation, and taxis. We will do everything possible to simplify your arrival.

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